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Hopley Group specialise in the installation and dismantle of heavy duty Kwikstage scaffold, including transport both ways.


We pride ourselves on our reputation for service and reliability, supplying accurate and timely delivery of quality and well-maintained equipment.


We are well versed in all aspects of Kwikstage, including staircase accesses, birdcage scaffolds, cantilevered scaffolds, as well as your more straightforward upper storey wraps and staged builds for the more complex sites, such as apartment complexes


2010 - present

Bendigo Fire Station - Bendigo, Victoria                         Alexandra Fountain - Bendigo, Victoria           Easter Tattoo - QEO Bendigo, Victoria



2010 - present

BTEC College - Bendigo, Victoria                                     Market Place Walkway - Bendigo, Victoria         Bendigo Health - Bendigo, Victoria



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